Customer Stories

  • Environmental Systems Design

    The global architecture and engineering firm Environmental Systems Design, Inc., had enough capacity to handle its data. The challenge was protecting that data. The firm would often have 15TB of data in production at a given time and its existing backup solutions simply could not keep pace. After quickly outgrowing several other systems, ESD turned to Nasuni’s enterprise storage as a service. Now, thanks to Nasuni’s automated backup, which delivers unlimited versioning, fast disaster recovery and an unmatched RPO, IT can stop worrying about backup and focus on its core mission of enhancing business productivity.

  • TBG Partners

    The landscape architecture and planning firm TBG Partners has been growing rapidly for the past several years, and with a steadily increasing work load, storage was becoming a problem. As a result, the IT department was struggling to maintain backup and restore lost files. Slow connectivity between offices made users wait for file access, hampering productivity. TBG turned to The Nasuni Service and now enjoys built- in, automatic protection, improved collaboration between offices, unlimited scalability and enterprise-grade performance.

  • Sedgwick LLP

    The global law firm, Sedgwick LLP is undergoing exponential storage growth. Case files must be securely protected for years, but not at the expense of access. Sedgwick’s attorneys demand fast, secure access to all data at all times, from any location. The challenge of managing and protecting this data while maintaining access prompted Sedgwick’s IT group to search for a new approach to storage.

    The Nasuni Service met the law firm’s security and protection standards, simplified backup and protection, and broadened file access.

  • Barry Isett & Associates

    The consulting engineering firm, Barry Isett & Associates was looking for a way to improve file access across its organization and simplify its storage ecosystem. The large design files at the core of its business taxed the firm’s WAN acceleration technologies. Latency issues were frustrating end users, and design teams needed protected, high-performance access to files from multiple locations – including client sites.

    Using The Nasuni Service, the firm now benefits from enterprise-grade performance in every office and a cost savings of 50%.

  • Ixia

    With employees ranging from headquarters to branch and remote offices to project teams on-site, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction companies know the meaning of “distributed teams” more than any other industry. Collaboration isn’t a buzzword here, it’s a real business need in a highly competitive industry. As organizations grow and teams are stretched further and further apart, AEC enterprises need a way to deliver fast access to a shared set of data worldwide.

  • Perkins+Will

    When world-class architecture and design firm Perkins+Will needed a high performance storage platform to support their global teams, they turned to Nasuni. With 24 locations around the world, traditional storage and data protection schemes were becoming expensive and difficult to manage. Teams in different locations wanted access to shared project data.

    Nasuni has allowed Perkins+Will to deploy a high performance storage platform that delivers data protection and synchronization at a fraction of the cost and complexity of any existing solution.

  • CSA Group

    Over the last 6 years, the CSA Group has grown from being a predominantly North American company to a global one as they have expanded into Asia and Europe through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth. This expansion has presented new challenges to the CSA Group’s IT team as they must integrate these new offices and new teams into the corporate IT infrastructure and provision them with shared storage.

    With Nasuni, the CSA Group has been able to quickly integrate new locations into the corporate IT infrastructure with a solution that gives their end users local performance while centralizing administrative control for IT.

  • The Walsh Group

    With close to twenty offices worldwide, The Walsh Group needed a global file share that could deliver the same information to all their offices without sacrificing performance or data security. As The Walsh Group’s business has become more global in recent years, projects they are competing for require knowledge and expertise within the company, but located in different geographies. With Nasuni, The Walsh Group has increased productivity across the distributed teams by delivering shared access to a global volume with enterprise-level performance and data security.

  • JSJ Corporation

    JSJ Corporation includes several distinct businesses, which are all supported by centralized services, including IT. In order to drive maximum productivity across the company, IT is focused on delivering premium services, uniformly to all locations while maintaining the leanest IT budget possible. JSJ implemented Nasuni Storage Infrastructure as a Service to deliver local access to files, integrated, superior data protection and centralized management of data – all while driving towards a 40% reduction in file storage costs.

  • Cooley Group

    As an industrial manufacturer of high performance fabrics, the Cooley Group is at their most efficient when their facilities are operating – any downtime cuts into their already thin margins. To keep their machines running, all of the teams within the Cooley Group – sales, engineering, QA, and operations – need to share files across offices for reporting results, policies, and procedures. Deploying Nasuni increased productivity across the company by dramatically improving data access and replication across offices, while simplifying the IT infrastructure and delivering better business continuity.

  • The Wharton School

    At The Wharton School of Business, the needs of these end users vary as widely as their fields of study, making it exceedingly difficult for Joe Cruz, the IT Technical Director and his team to deploy and manage a consistent storage infrastructure for all end users. With Nasuni’s single solution for primary storage, backup and offsite replication, Cruz has simplified Wharton’s IT, solved their data growth pain, and improved business continuity while reclaiming valuable IT resources.