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Connor Fee: Coming to You from the Road

Highway 1Working with customers and prospects is a constant adventure. I’ve been at Nasuni since the very beginning and have worked closely with hundreds of accounts. At this point, most of the questions, most of the concerns, most of the comments I’ve heard before. “Most” is the operative word here…

I’d like to use my little corner of the Nasuni cyberspace to share some of the use-cases, questions, concerns, and comments that are unique. The ones that make me say “I’ll have to get back to you on that one.” Hopefully this will allow those of you evaluating (or even currently using) Nasuni to examine whether or not you’re getting the most out of our service.

I’ll share tales of how customers are using Nasuni to solve problems with a mobile workforce, speed up software development, and even “centralize” to a single data center.

Think of this a bit like travel TV without all the great hotels and food :)

Stay tuned.

Connor Fee

Connor Fee Connor is an avid golfer, skier and technology fanatic. As an early adopter, you can be sure he will always be touting the latest and greatest gadget. Whether it’s the newest MacBook Air, audiophile grade tube-amp driven computer speakers, or superfine gel pen from Japan, Connor will bring it to a meeting. As the Director of Marketing, Connor travels across the globe visiting current and prospective customers, learning about how they use Nasuni and helping them get the most out of the Nasuni Services. You'll find him writing about the evolving world of IT, his travels and the fine folks he meets along the way.

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