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Storage Infrastructure has always meant two things: Lots of hardware – and lots of work.

And every new office is just one more headache. You could go directly to the cloud, but then you would be sacrificing performance and security – and let’s be honest, do you really want to trust someone else with one of your most valuable assets?

Well, Nasuni has figured out how to take on-premises hardware and combine it with the cloud to give you everything you expect from storage infrastructure. Except it’s not what you expect. (It’s better).

Have a minute? Want to hear the rest of the story? After your done microwaving the popcorn, press “play” and see how Nasuni revolutionizes enterprise data storage. 


Louis Abate

Louis Abate is a business school graduate with a passion for technology. At Nasuni, he heads up digital marketing and multimedia content creation. With one eye on the flow of industry news and the other on Nasuni’s services, you’ll find Louis writing about the evolving storage industry, customer success and trends affecting today's businesses.

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